The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Program

Covenant offers students in Year 9 to Year 11 the opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards are an extra curricular program to challenge students in areas that aren't taught in classrooms. Covering areas such as Physical Recreation, Skill, Volunteering, Adventurous Journey and Residential Projects, Duke of Ed has been running in NSW since 1962 and now has 8,500 participants every year. These participants, with the help of an Award Coordinator, can design their own program around their passions and interests by using extra curricular activities that they are already doing or starting a new challenge.

The Duke of Ed award, believes in ten philosophies which state that The Award is:

  • Available to everyone
  • About experiencing, connecting and developing
  • Not a competition
  • Flexible
  • Balanced
  • Progressive
  • About personal achievement
  • A marathon, not a sprint
  • Voluntary
  • Fun

All three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold), included hikes over several days. Achieving an Award recognises individual goal setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement.

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Information and Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to complete for Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards?

  • Participant Application Form
  • NSW Participant Award Plan
  • Volunteer Code of Conduct  (three for Silver and Bronze Award, four for Gold Award)
  • Assessor Commencement Guide - Skill
  • Assessor Commencement Guide - Service
  • Assessor Commencement Guide – Physical Recreation
  • Assessor Commencement Guide - Residential Project (Gold Award ONLY)
  • Hike Reply Slip
  • Collaroy Centre Booking Form
  • Set up Duke of Edinburgh account on
  • Payment via Try Booking on

Can I call my child directly on their mobile phone during the hike?

Whilst some students will take their mobile phone for the primary purpose of taking photos, we request that you do not use it to communicate with your child.

Does my child have to attend the briefing session?

Yes. This is a compulsory session for students participating in a hike. It will significantly assist in their preparation for their hike.

If there is an emergency at home, how can I contact my child while they are on a hike?

Call the Collaroy Centre emergency number on 0447 583 977.

In the event that inclement weather is forecast, how will I know if the hike will proceed?

The Collaroy Centre will contact you directly if the hike has to be cancelled. If you have not had contact from the Collaroy Centre, assume the hike will proceed.

What do I do if I have some issues with my hired equipment?

If it is after the deadline for submitting forms, call the Collaroy Centre directly. Otherwise, speak to Mrs Shaw.

What happens in the event of an accident on a hike?

All staff are Wilderness First Aid Trained and will provide initial medical treatment if required. The Collaroy Centre staff will contact their Supervisor who will then liaise with Emergency personnel and communicate with you regarding the situation.

What is the annual Duke of Edinburgh fee?

Bronze Award - $120

Silver Award - $125

Gold Award - $150

Where do I collect hire equipment?

You will collect all hired equipment on the morning of the hike at the meeting point. Bring all your gear in smaller waterproof bags. The Collaroy Centre will guide you on how to fill your pack correctly. You will then be required to return the hired pack to the Collaroy Centre upon completion of your hike, unless otherwise organised.

Will I receive any update on how my child is going during the hike?

No, but with a member of CCS staff, and fully qualified staff from Collaroy Centre Expeditions present, your child is in good hands. No news is good news!

What’s News?

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