School Canteen

Canteen is open Monday to Friday during school term.

All orders must be submitted online via MunchMonitor by 9am.

The canteen is operated by Cheese and Toastie, a business owned by Covenant parents Wilfred O'Yang and Joan Wong. Both Wilfred and Joan are qualified chefs with over ten years experience operating cafes and canteens. Cheese and Toastie is experienced in producing healthy food that looks good, tastes great and represents real value for money. Joan Wong is the manager of the canteen. For more information please read "Canteen Newsletter February 2018" below.

We are a member of the NSW Healthy Canteen Association


Order online via >


Junior School students

Lunch orders must be submitted online via MunchMonitor. Lunches are placed into classroom baskets and collected from the canteen by a class representative. Lunches are then distributed in class or at the Colosseum. Junior School students can ONLY order lunches from the canteen via MunchMonitor and cannot purchase items over-the-counter.

Secondary School students

All lunch orders are to be submitted online and picked up from the canteen. Lunch and snacks can also be purchased over-the-counter but stocks are limited. Canteen will now only accept key tags or cash for over-the-counter purchases. If a student requires a key tag please come to the canteen between 9-11am or after 1pm to collect your FREE key tag. Replacing a lost key tag will cost $2 after Week 8 (19 March 2018).

Volunteer to serve

The canteen now operates five days per week. Cheese and Toastie will continue to encourage the involvement of parent volunteers at canteen. All time spent serving in the canteen can be counted as "Parent Involvement Program" (PIP) hours. If you would like to volunteer simply drop by the canteen and put your name down, or call the Canteen Manager Joan Wong on 0424 122 466. For more information please read "Canteen Volunteer Information 2018" above.


The benefits of ONLINE ordering

  • Lunch orders can be made up to four weeks in advance (up to 9am on the day)
  • Top-up the account using VISA / Mastercard (or cash at the canteen window)
  • Obtain reports on spending and nutrition
  • Set daily spend limits for your children (eg. Up to $2 on Monday only) 
  • Set menu limits (eg no milk)
  • List allergies to alert canteen during account sales

How do I set up an account to order online?

  • Please refer to "MunchMonitor Instructions" above

What does it cost?

Munch Monitor costs $3.30 per Parent Account per Term (irrespective of the number of students on your account, or how many times you order). You can cancel at any time & there are no other fees to use this service.

Need more information?

Simply go to, enter the School ID ccs and School Password munch2085 and click FAQ for answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively, send an email to