Junior School Technology

At Covenant we believe that our youngest students should be exposed to technology in a controlled environment so that they might begin to understand, at age appropriate stages, both the benefits and risks associated with the use of digital technology.

Junior School teachers endeavour to demonstrate the use of technology in a way that redeems it to creation.

All Junior School classrooms are equipped with interactive, electronic white boards and data projectors. Year 5 and 6 students have access to a personal Apple iPad in the classroom. These devices are owned and managed by the school, and remain secured at school overnight to recharge.

The Junior Library has a bank of 40 iPads that can be borrowed by other Junior School classes. Another class set of iPads is available for use by Infants Students.

There is a full computer room, and a class set of laptops that can be used throughout Junior School for those activities which are not best suited to iPads.