Advice for Parents

We believe that the responsibility of keeping children safe when using the internet and other technologies at home rests with the parents. We understand that this can be an intimidating arena for parents to manage, so we are committed to supporting our parents in a number of ways.


We recommend you carefully investigate whether the following products are suitable for your family:

Warning: Nearly all smartphones with a 3G or 4G sim will provide unfiltered internet connection. This connection can then be shared among other devices. If your child has a smartphone, they can by-pass your home wireless internet connection and access any website.


The > Digital Discipleship website and > Facebook page have a number of resources that are helpful for parents. Our children need to be taught about the dangers and issues that they will face, and what to do when (not if) situations arise.


Our children need to be supervised when using digital technology. In the same way that we wouldn’t let our children wander around a city alone, we should not leave them alone as they are wandering around the world wide web.

We strongly recommend that ALL technology is used and charged in a public space in the home. At the very least it should NOT be used in the bedroom. The temptations are many and varied, and the best deterrent for those temptations is to have visible screens in the home.

We would not expect that any students from Years 7-9 need to use their devices any later than 9:30pm at night. Covenant’s homework guidelines are that Year 7 and 8 students should not have more than 1.5 hours of homework each night.


As our children grow, they will earn our trust. We should gradually give them more and more freedom, while continuing to communicate openly about how they are using technology. As we have educated them we should expect them to do the right thing and to use technology in an appropriate manner.

At the same time, we ought not be too surprised when students make mistakes. We are all sinful and make decisions that are not congruent with God’s will. When our children do make these mistakes, they need to know that there will be consequences, but that those consequences will be framed with forgiveness and grace.

Best practice guidelines

  • Charge devices in a public place in the home
  • Devices should never be used in the bedroom
  • Install web filtering on your home internet connection
  • Students in Years 7–9 should not need to use their devices after 9:30pm
  • Be a PEST (Protect, Educate, Supervise, Trust)