Our History & Logo

The founders of Covenant Christian School Belrose on Sydney's Northern Beaches wanted an education for their children which was clearly and explicitly Christian in perspective.

We owe these Godly, dedicated, passionate, generous and hard working Christians our gratitude for their vision and wisdom. The initial vision of the founding parents is still strong and vibrant and continues to be the driving mission of the school. Covenant has grown in student numbers and has been blessed with wonderful facilities and resources.

Enjoy listening to some of our founders in these videos. Click on each video to open in a larger screen. It is good to remember and celebrate God's faithfulness. 

  • 1964
    Group of Christians began to discuss starting a Christian School
    “… it was soon evident there was conflict between the home and the school. ... At home they spoke of God the creator, at school it was the Darwinian theory. Sure there were some lovely Scripture lessons, but this very method would lead the children to believe that God and religion was something separate and had little or nothing to do with real life. After all, are we not to acknowledge God in all things? ... Frustrated by the lack of control over the education of their children and the means to effect any change, they started doing something.”
    Source: Keeping the Faith: A Case-study of the Foundational Values of Christian Parent Controlled Schools in Australia.
  • 1966
    Land bought at Ingleside Sydney for the purpose of establishing a school
  • 1970–73
    Various development applications refused by Warringah Council
  • 1975
    Applied to Council to start in a demountable building
  • 1977
    Decision to start in a church hall while continuing to look for suitable location
  • May 1978
    After a long journey of faith and hard work Covenant Christian School opened
  • May 1978
    Classes started at St Paul’s Anglican Church, Terrey Hills, with one teacher and 19 children from Kindergarten to Year 5

    Jan Goodwin (first teacher) with students
  • Sept 1978
    Purchased 212 Forest Way Belrose
  • 1979
    Primary students moved to the Cottage in Belrose, and Infants remained at Terrey Hills
  • 1980
    K–7 school all operating at Forest Way in the newly built B Block
  • 1981
    C Block completed
  • 1983
    First Year 10 School Certificate
  • 1983
    F Block completed
  • 1986
    First Year 12 cohort completed the HSC
  • 1988
    E Block completed
  • 1990
    G Block completed
  • 1997
    D Block completed
  • 1999
    Purchased adjoining Belrose Nursery land
  • 2002
    School Hall completed
  • 2004
    Cafe Covie opened
  • 2004
    J Block completed
  • 2006
    Preschool started (originally called Transition)
  • 2006
    First trip to Yarrabah
  • 2010
    CCS Dance Academy started
  • 2010
    Opened New Infants Block - A Block houses six classrooms and mini-hall
  • 2010
    Refurbished original B Block building with four new primary classrooms
  • 2013
    Opened K Block five classrooms, new junior library and Performing Arts Space
  • 2014
    E Block extension - Opened four classrooms, meeting and additional staff room
  • 2015
    Purchased 214 Forest Way and 2410 Linden Ave
  • 2016
    Opened four TAS classrooms, plus two Science labs
  • 2017
    New Logo introduced
  • 2018
    C Block completed
  • 2018
    Covenant celebrated 40 years! Click here for highlights of Covenant's 40th celebrations.

We have much to be thankful for as we seek to faithfully teach, nurture, grow and be stewards of these facilities.

Our School Logo

A new school logo was introduced in 2017 with a phase in period through 2018 to coincide with the school's 40th birthday. Click here for highlights of Covenant's 40th celebrations.