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The Concord Infiniti Library Catalogue can be accessed 24/7 from any device using your school username & password. Google Chrome is best.

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All parents are provided with login details for Edumate. This provides up to date information about Secondary School child's assessment tasks, recent results and attendance. You can access Edumate via Quicklinks at the top of the page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ABSENCE: My child is absent from school

1. Call the School Office on 02 9450 2688. On return to school complete a signed Absence Note and drop it off at Student Reception. No media download found.


2. A parent to email with student name, class and reason for absence.

If you are planning to take more than 5 days for a family holiday then an Application for Extended Leave - Travel Form needs to be completed. 

The Education Act 1990 requires you to ensure your child attends school each day that instruction is provided unless they are prevented from doing so by sickness or other acceptable reason and for you to provide an explanation for any absence. The Act requires you to explain your child’s absences within seven days of their occurrence. Failure to do so will result in an unjustified absence being recorded. Please provide an explanation using the appropriate form and return to the School Office as soon as possible. If you have any concerns that our records are incorrect, please contact the school immediately. 

LATENESS: My child is late to school

Junior School - students go straight to their class when they arrive.

Secondary School - students go to Student Reception to sign in with a Late Note or a parent. They will be given a printout to take to their teacher. 
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LEAVING EARLY: My child needs to leave school early

Junior School - please advise class teacher

Secondary School - Students must sign out at Student Reception and have a signed note or parent present. Alternatively a parent can email with student name, year and reason for leaving early.

MESSAGE: I want to get a message to my child

Call the School Office on 02 9450 2688. Let Reception know:

  • Name of child
  • Year Group or Class
  • Your message
The Office team will endeavour to pass on the message to your child. Naturally this depends on sport, excursions and changes to location of classes. Messages should be received by 2.30pm Monday to Thursday and by 1.45pm on Friday.


PARKING: Where can I park?

Parents can park in Dell St, Waldon Rd or Bundaleer St.

There are four Visitor parking spots in the top Dell St carpark.
Senior students can park in Waldon Rd.

Visitors, including parents helping in canteen, should sign in at the School Office and wear the printout label.

SICK BAY: My child is sick and wants to go home

Students need to go to Sick Bay. If the Nurse decides the student does need to go home parents will be contacted by the school. The student will need to be signed out by the Nurse. Students should not SMS parents to pick them up.

UNIFORM: My child does not have the correct uniform

Junior School - student should give a note to their teacher.

Secondary School - students should visit Deputy Principal Pastoral Care Mrs Chris O'Sullivan, ideally with a note from a parent, before going to class to be given a one day uniform pass.