2018 Term 3 Week 1


“Why do I gotta do this Mum?”
“Have to.”
“OK - Why do I have to do this… Mum?”
“Just gotta!”

Ever had this sort of conversation? Likely it was the night before a speech was to be presented. Public speaking, so we’re told, is up there with snakebite and vampire attack in its ability to produce adrenaline fuelled fight or flight reaction. Or, perhaps it was the afternoon of music rehearsal and monotony rather than fear was the catalyst for this exchange. “Why do I gotta practise the trombone again, mum?” - “Have to.”

Yes, schools are a place where we make kids look squarely into the face of speech giving terror and trombone practice tedium. There is an enduring pay-off though. The ability to craft a speech with an audience in mind, making it both informative and entertaining, all the while moving an audience to laugh wildly, cry secretly, rage openly or perhaps even re-examine one’s long-held opinion, are such vital skills that it is worth digging-in when confronted with momentary vocal resistance. Alternatively, the capacity to be part of an orchestra that produces transcendent sound in glorious unity at the flick of a baton is dependent upon the resolve of Mum and Dad not to flinch on the odd occasion that opposition is spat our way. It’s temporal discipline with a long-term goal… not common these days.

Which brings me to the Junior School Musical. Why do we gotta do this Mr Morton? Why do we have to spend so much time learning to sing, dance, sit, stand, shuffle on, shuffle off, be quiet, be loud, and smile… don’t forget to smile? Are we not just training baby elephants in a highly orchestrated circus attraction? Well, our most enduring memories of schooling are more often than not associated with a significant event. Daily routines fade into the ether, but the excursions, the visiting speakers, the performances are all so indelible, even the catastrophes… especially the catastrophes.

This year, the Junior School will be presenting The Missing Peace. Our deep desire is that through the sizeable proportion of effort exerted in its production, that the impact on our children would be entrenched. We want our kids not just to know their lines or their steps, but the story and the Story Teller. The Missing Peace is set in New Testament times and weaves a narrative from the perspective of various Centurions, circa 33AD. Each of them has a view of Jesus and have their conclusions profoundly informed by looking squarely into His face.

We want the same for our kids, for ourselves, our audience even. This is the pay-off for the enormous amount of planning, the vast amount of preparation and the proliferation of rehearsals.

We gotta tell this story.
Have to.


We asked Mrs Samantha Glassock, our Extension and Enrichment Coordinator for Secondary School to provide us with a snapshot of just some of the exciting opportunities that have helped to extend and enrich learning across and beyond the Secondary curriculum over the past two terms.

Writer’s Retreat 
The English staff organised a fantastic two-day retreat where students had the opportunity to meet famous writers at the Sydney Writers’ Festival and participate in a writing workshop at the Sydney Quarantine Station. Read more about the Writer's Retreat here

English Extension Classes
The English Faculty have introduced an extension pull-out program for Year 10 English. Selected students leave their usual class for one period per week to be extended in areas of critical thinking as it pertains to literature with Mrs Henderson. This term, a pull-out extension class will also operate for Year 7 students. 

“It’s been really helpful thinking about why we believe certain things about the world and how we can find worldview clues in stories we read/watch. I’ve learned a lot about myself – which I didn’t expect – and have been challenged to form opinions that I can actually explain” (Year 10 student).

Passion Project
Last semester our Year 8 students produced an exciting array of Major Works. The products could not have been more diverse: from novels to architecture to action research on cyber bullying and surfboards. The standard was exceptional. Read more about Passion Project here

Da Vinci Decathlon
Our da Vinci teams from Year 5 through to Year 10, worked collaboratively at this academic gala day hosted annually at Knox Grammar School. In spite of some 1500 students in the room, our teams still managed to perform extraordinarily well, taking honours in Science, Cartography, Creative Producers, Code Breaking, English and Maths. Read more about the da Vinci Decathlon here.     

In 2018 Debating has gone from strength to strength. We began the year with a debating training day at The University of Sydney and have since gone on to win two separate debating competition days. Read more about debating here

We have a number of students who are accelerating their studies this year. Three Year 11 Mathematics students will sit their HSC Mathematics examination this year under the guidance of Mr Muddle. Another accelerated Year 11 student is about to undertake her HSC English examination. Two Year 10 students are accelerating in Japanese Continuers through the New South Wales School of Languages. 
Mathematics Enriched Classes
The Mathematics Faculty has instigated an Enriched Class for both Year 9 and Year 10. In the Enriched course, students are covering Stage 5 content at a much deeper level in preparation for Maths Extension classes in Years 11 and 12. There is a greater emphasis on reasoning, justifying, problem-solving and collaboration, as students are constantly expected to think for themselves.
"The Year 9 Maths Enrichment class is a lot fun, Mr Apin helps to push us each individually and find our strengths and weaknesses." Year 9 student 

“I really like how being in the class pushes me to be better at Maths. I also like learning with people who are at a similar level as it is lots of fun to challenge each other.” Year 9 student

Pi Day - Mathematics Faculty 
3.14.18 Pi Day this year was Covie’s BEST yet! Throughout the day, classes participated in multiple Pi activities and raised $393 for TEAR Australia. It was a wonderful celebration! Read more about Pi Day here

University STEM Day
A group of 27 students from Years 9 and 10 had the opportunity to represent Covenant at the University of Newcastle STEM Challenge. The teams were required to solve a range of challenges from creating a water turbine and catapult to building a bionic hand. 
In-Class Science Enrichment
Everyday enrichment of classwork is an important aspect of learning. In Year 9 Science, Mrs Butler’s students finished the requisite Atoms unit. Then, as it was Chemistry-based, they went on to complete an online investigation into balancing chemical equations as an extension from the word equations previously studied. To build on the basics of nuclear chemistry, they watched the documentary Uranium: Twisting the Dragon’s Tail. Students then researched an aspect of the documentary that interested them and presented to the class. 
Mrs Chapman organised a fabulous Medieval Day for Year 8. Students learnt about weaponry, battle techniques and the intricacies of armour. The social, religious and leisure aspects of the medieval world were also explored in an interactive fashion. 

As part of Year 10's study on the Vietnam War we had two War Veterans come and share their experience of their time in Vietnam. The students worked on different Visible Thinking routines to deepen their understanding. The History Elective class has a research unit that is an excellent precursor to the compulsory Historical Investigations in Year 11 Ancient and Modern History, as well as helpful for those who choose History Extension in Year 12. 

Year 12 History Extension students travelled to the Museum of Sydney and spent time with the museum curator. Students were given the opportunity to explore the methods behind source preservation, source interpretation and exhibit design in a museum. 

Year 11 ‘LandScope’ Art Camp
Year 11 students were inspired during a three-day intensive, organised by Mrs Wiltshire and Miss Rose. They had the opportunity to visit various art galleries and to meet with specialists Natalia Dowse (graphic artist) and Sue Richardson (oil/ watercolour artist) who helped to teach and mentor. Students learnt about oil painting, acrylics, lino prints and digital media and used the local landscape as a subject for these works. The Ngaire Wills Creation Art Prize will be awarded to one of the student submissions. 

Theatresports School Challenge
Our Year 9 Drama students participated in a Theatresports workshop and Schools Challenge held at OFGS on Thursday 28 June. It was an amazing opportunity to extend their skills in improvisation while learning to work as a team.

LOTE Exchanges
Mrs George has been a fantastic encouragement to a number of students who have been eager to immerse themselves in their language study, helping to establish links with suitable exchange organisations. Bronwyn Campbell, Sophie Judd and Ebonie Rushbrook are going to Germany in the Christmas break. Keira Hynson from the Year 11 French class is going to France. These experiences will be extremely beneficial.

Philosophy Club
The Philosophy Club meet every Monday lunchtime to consider ethical dilemmas and discuss key philosophical issues. Recently, the club has considered two approaches to ethics – deontology and consequentialism. Click here to read more about the Philosophy Club.
Fictional Science Club
Every Friday lunchtime Mrs Yu runs the Fictional Science Club. Each week the club looks at a scientific theory, completes a project and then relates this information to a fictional character. One week, students studied Bernoulli’s theory and heard from a pilot as to how the theory applied to practice. Then the students considered the fictional scenario ‘Superman has lost his power to fly. How would scientific theory enable him to fly once more?’

IT Club
IT Club have enjoyed a great semester under the guidance of Mrs Shaw. Recently the members have been working on an acoustic levitator. It was a birthday present which Josh Baikie brought it in to IT Club to work on. Later this year some of the IT Club members will participate in the Microsoft Robotics Challenge.

Covenant students have excelled in a range of eisteddfods. In the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod, our drama students won first and second place in the monologue, duologue and our Year 11 Drama class won First Place with their devised piece, ‘The Midnight Hour’. Our dance troupes also performed capably at Eisteddfods at Shore, Pittwater House and UNSW.

Creative Arts Specialist Groups
Week to week, students may be a part of specialist groups which help to enrich their creative abilities. Many students enjoy the Senior Concert Band, the Guitar Ensemble, the Vocal Ensemble and the Secondary Music Team. Just recently, we have also added a Senior Girls Vocal Ensemble.

Extension opportunities in Term 3 and 4
A whole host of extension opportunities await during this semester. Some of these include:     
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Maths Camp Years 5- 8
  • State wide Year 9 Extension and Enrichment Day - Pushing the Boundaries (hosted by Covenant)
  • GATEway8 Academic Gala Day
  • Microsoft Robotics Challenge
  • Warringah Inter-School Debating Gala Days
  • CEN Music Festival at Orange
  • South Coast Music Tour
  • Year 11 Drama Night
  • Combined Christian Schools Public Speaking Competition
  • LOTE Continuers: Lufthansa Site Experience (German operations in Australia)
  • HSC French: Speaking immersion afternoon (as HSC preparation)
  • German Robotics Intensive: Students will learn operative language (in German) to manoeuvre robots supplied by the Goethe Institut. A LOTE/ STEM initiative.
  • HSC Science Extension course (NESA) will commence in Term 4


"But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness." Psalm 86:15 (ESV)

For Prayer and Praise
  • Praise God for He is merciful, gracious, patient, steadfast in His love and faithful.
  • Pray for Year 3-6 Writer’s Workshop this Thursday and Friday.
  • Pray for Year 11 Yarrabah debrief this Thursday.
  • Pray for Year 12 students sitting HSC Trials next Monday till 20 August.
  • Pray for first lot of Year 7-10 Parent Teacher interviews next Monday.
  • Pray for Japanese exchange students visiting next week.
  • Pray for Year 11 Bible Society Masterclass next Tuesday.
  • Pray for Secondary Basketball Gala Day this Friday, Year 9 & 10 Rugby League 7s Gala Day next Monday, Primary Zone Athletics next Wednesday, and Peninsula Cup Open Girls Soccer next Wednesday.
Please join us in prayer.
9.00-9.30am on Thursdays in T7 (classroom opposite Preschool). If you are unable to come but would like to pray from home, please email us to receive a copy of the prayer notes. If you would like the Prayer Group to pray for you, please also email us at prayergroup@covenant.nsw.edu.au. 


Congratulations also to Jacob Ashby, Josh Pollard, Corey Wakeford and Ben Watkins, who were part of the CC Strikers U16 Soccer team that recently won the final of the State Knockout Competition. This is a wonderful effort, and special mention should also go to Mr Pollard who was the assistant coach. 

Congratulations to our 16 years Boys Basketball Team who made the Grand Final of their division in the Manly Warringah Basketball Association competition. They fought hard and staged a great come back, but unfortunately went down in the end. Many of these boys are training with the Basketball Academy, and should be commended for representing the school well.

Congratulations also to Dane Wattle, Riccardo Portelli and Jacob De Giorgio who were a part of the winning team in the MWBA Division 2 Open Boys basketball competition!


In June of Term 2, 11 of our Dance Academy Ballet students travelled into the Royal Academy of Dance studios in Darlinghurst to complete their Ballet examinations. This year we had students dancing in Grade 1, 2, 4 and Intermediate Foundation Examinations. Well done to our lovely dancers, and thanks must also go to our wonderful Ballet teachers, Linda Keen and Kellie Conolly, for all their hard work and dedication.  Enjoy some beautiful photos below.

Ballet is a wonderful dance technique for all aspiring dancers to study at any age or level of ability. Classical Ballet is the foundation of all other styles of theatrical dance, and can improve students’ alignment, control, musicality, performance quality and general stage confidence. For more information about enrolling in our Ballet program or any other after hours Dance classes at Covenant, please enquire through our email danceacademy@covenant.nsw.edu.au.


Welcome back! I am pleased to welcome a number of families that have joined our school community this term. I hope you settle in quickly.

Some changes have occurred over the school holidays. Our new building is moving to completion and we are pleased that the Office can be now directly accessed again. With Vanessa Miller from Education Support leaving to live in Melbourne, we have employed Kate Fletcher to replace her. Kate is very capable with postgraduate qualifications in TESOL. She is a current school mum, and is looking forward to contributing to the work that our Education Support team does with our students. I am also pleased to announce that Suzanne Pye will be taking up the position of Secondary Administration Assistant. Suzanne is a school mum and has strong skills in administration and will bring much to the administration team. Suzanne also has a Masters degree in Multimedia.

We were recently informed that one of our teachers, Mr Michael Street, won the Premier's Scholarship for History Teachers. This is a significant award and is well-deserved. Congratulations Michael!

Our staff have been very busy over the last week in preparation for this term. Some staff have been working on enhancing their teaching and learning practice, particularly in the area of thinking skills. Other staff have been developing their peacemaking skills through Peacewise. We are very blessed to have Max Monin and Richard Grey as trainers in the Peacewise movement. Our Mathematics department, ably guided by Peter Muddle (Deputy Principal Curriculum 7-12), were involved in the first Christian Maths Teacher’s Association conference that drew teachers from across the state to work collaboratively for two days. The conference was an outstanding success, and planning is underway for a second conference in 2019.

However, there has been great personal sadness during this time. Some would be aware that my younger brother passed away at the beginning of the school break, and my wife’s mother passed away at the end of the break. It is a timely reminder that we are called to “number our days” according to the Psalmist. He does not say this to make the reader feel morose, but to remind us that we are finite people, living in a broken and hurting world. 
I am very thankful for the support of so many in our school community in this time of grief. It is a wonderful reminder that we can reflect the way in which God intends us to live in community, bearing one anothers' burdens.

I would like to remind you that Monday morning is a time where you can drop-in unannounced to visit me. It is a privilege to meet with parents in this more informal time.

Bill Rusin


Covenant Prayer Group
Thursday | 9.00-9.30am | T7 | Prayer points can be sent to prayergroup@covenant.nsw.edu.au | Click here for things to pray and praise God for.

ICAS Results
Congratulations to the following students for their impressive performance in the recent Digital Technologies and Science competition. 

Digital Technologies:
Elijah Stanwell (Year 3) - Distinction
Jessica Sui (Year 4) - Distinction
Christiaan Maritz (Year 6) - High Distinction

Ewan Bootes (Year 3) - Distinction
Joel Stanwell (Year 4) - High Distinction
Carys Turvey (Year 5) - Distinction
Patrick Kim (Year 6) - Distinction

Position Vacant: Administration - Office Assistant (Student Reception)

Permanent part-time, 7.5 hours per week (Friday 8.00-4.00pm) to commence ASAP | Click here for more information

Access to the Office
You no longer need to go through the library to access the Office! There is a set of stairs to the left of the bridge leading to the new building. These stairs will provide direct access down to the Office

Changes to Bus routes
The 230 school bus travelling from Covenant to Allambie will now return to its old route and travel via Frenchs Forest Road West and East. Any student requiring to get off on Warringah Road near Hilmer Street should catch the 276 bus. The changes will come into effect on 30 July.

Covenant Basketball Academy changes
It is now time to register for Term 3 and 4. Year 7-12 will now have combined training on Wednesdays from 7.15-8.30am. This is to help increase numbers for the coaches to play small sided games between players. Coaches will split age groups accordingly based on ability and age group to maintain session quality and maximise skill development. There will no longer be a Thursday training session. Junior School will still be on Tuesdays from 7.15-8.30am.
In order to help families we have reduced the cost of the academy from $330 to $264 for Terms 3 and 4.
All sessions will commence in Week 3 and finish at the end of term.
Junior School - Tuesday 14 August
Secondary School - Wednesday 15 August
Year 11 Meningococcal ACWY Vaccinations
Wednesday 15 August | Consent forms were sent home in Term 2 and need to be returned ASAP.

Cheese and Toastie Customer Satisfaction Survey
Cheese and Toastie invite parents to complete the following Customer Satisfaction Survey. Please click here to complete the survey.

Mandarin Stars Language Club
For Kindergarten to Year 6 | Monday 3.00-3.50pm | From 30 July - 24 September | Re-enrol for Term 3 or book a free trial lesson at dailin@mandarinstars.com.au or 0425 852 282.
Enhance Conference - The Cultural Conflict: The Invisible War
Saturday 4 August | 2.00-7.30pm | PAS | Click here to register or call Daniel Ryan on 0412 089 220 for more information.
Lost property
The following non-uniform items have been found in Lost Property boxes. Please collect from the Office by the end of Week 1 of Term 3. After this date, all items will be donated.
Turquoise blue Hart Sport singlet – Extra large
Grey hoodie - Medium
Very dark grey hoodie - Small
Basics black hoodie with white cord and zip - Large
Grey and blue GAP Kids hoodie - Size 10
Purple t-shirt – with advertising for Boxing Fitness/Surf Skool and Belrose Eagles 2017 – Size 12
Burgundy Canterbury NRL t-shirt – Medium
Doyoueven black jacket with hood and zip – Extra large
Navy blue sweatshirt – Size 16
One pair of green shin guards
The Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC)
Congratulations to the 47 students who have already completed the PRC. Only 2 weeks until finishing - all PRC reading record sheets need to be given to Mrs Watson by 14 August for her to validate your records. The list of students who have finished is on display in the Junior Library. If you are close to finishing but need some encouragement to complete the PRC, please pop in and see Mrs Watson. 

Mum's in Motion Fitness Class
A fitness and movement class run by Linda Keen | Mondays at 9.15am | T9 | Email danceacademy@covenant.nsw.edu.au for more information.

Help keep Sydney's homeless warm this Winter
Click here to find out more.

Wakehurst Netball Club NetSetGo
Friday 3 August for 8 weeks | Lionel Watts Oval, Frenchs Forest | 5 to 7 year olds
NetSetGo is a fun, safe, social and active netball program for girls and boys.
For enquiries email Nicole Carter at netsetgo@wakehurstnetball.com.au.

Northern Beaches Council Workshop - Youth Art and Design: 4 ways to Abstraction
  • Every Wednesday 1-22 August | 4.30-6.00pm | Banksia Room, Nelson Heather Centre, Warriewood
  • For ages 12-24
  • Free | All materials are provided
  • Bookings are essential. Email youth@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au to book. 
24/7 Youth Film Festival Launch and Information Night
Learn how to create a 7 minute film in 24 hours on Wednesday 5 September | 6.00-8.00pm | Northern Beaches Civic Centre, Dee Why | Free for ages 12-24



Avondale Scholarships
  • Avondale offers a variety of scholarships.
  • Click here to find out more. 
Australian Catholic University – Pathways and Entry Schemes
  • Are you currently completing Year 12? Find out about entry schemes and programs which can help you gain a place at ACU. There’s more than one way to gain entry into ACU. 
  • Click here to find out more. 
University of Sydney Open Day Workshops
  • Saturday 25 August 2018 - Workshops available for Year 10, 11 and 12 students.
  • Year 10 Parent Information Session: Tips and strategies to support your child through senior study and higher education. 
  • Year 10 Preparation for Senior Study: Tips and strategies to stay motivated and maximise your studies.
  • Year 11 Thinking Ahead: Learn how to write about your personal skills and qualities to produce an effective scholarship application. 
  • Year 11 and 12 Smash Essay Writing: Tips and strategies on how to improve your essay writing skills for the HSC.
  • Year 12 Promote Yourself: Learn about persuasive writing skills and how to address E12 scholarship application questions. 
  • Year 12 E12 and Cadigal Program: Work one-on-one with a tutor to improve your draft E12 or Cadigal scholarship application. Please bring a draft application to the consultation (20 minute consultations).
  • Year 12 HSC Exam Prep: Learn about the role of the syllabus, how to deconstruct questions, take effective notes and manage time in exams to maximise marks.
  • Click here to register.  wpo.sydney.edu.au/app/openday

Private Colleges can provide a wonderful opportunity for students post school. They are very practical and have small classes, often with good industry connections increasing job prospects post study. Please see below some of the opportunities at private colleges coming up.

Macleay College – Sydney Open Day
  • 11 August | Surry Hills
  • An Open Day with an industry panel discussing the importance of internships and building industry connections. 
  • Click here to find out more.  
ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology) Info Sessions
  • Interested in studying Psychology, Counselling, Social Work, Criminology, Coaching, Case Management, Youth Work or Social Science?
  • Sydney: Wednesday 1 August | 6.00pm
  • Online - Psychology: Monday 3 September | 6.00pm
  • Online - Counselling: Tuesday 4 September | 6.00pm
  • Online - Criminology: Wednesday 5 September | 6.00pm
  • Online - Social Work: Thursday 6 September | 6.00pm
  • Click here to book.  
Endeavour College of Natural Health – Complementary Medicine Webinar
  • 2 August
  • Join the interactive webinar to get insight into studying Complementary Medicine. An enrolment advisor will also be present to answer any questions. 
  • Click here to find out more. 

Jansen Newman Institute – Open Day

  • 4 August | Pyrmont Campus
  • Attending Open Day will give you the chance to be inspired and see what it is like to study courses specialising in counselling, psychotherapy, or community services.
  • Click here to find out more.  
College of Event Management – Event Boot Camp
  • 27-28 October | Sydney 
  • A two-day Event Bootcamp intensive is designed for people with an interest in a career in events but who need a clearer idea of what it’s all about. The course is a low-cost, high-intensity backstage pass to the world of events. By the end of this short course you will have a real understanding of the event manager's role and have had experience behind the scenes of a major event. 
  • Click here to find out more.  
Torrens University – Billy Blue College of Design and Technology Open Day
  • 4 August
  • Tour the studio-style classrooms, photography and fashion studios and other campus facilities.
  • Click here to find out more.  
The Hotel School – Discovery Day