2018 Term 1 Week 1


NSW School Vaccination Program

Each year NSW Health works in partnership with schools to offer the vaccines recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for adolescents as part of the school vaccination program.
In 2018 the following vaccines will be offered:
Year  Vaccine  Number of Doses 
Year 7 Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine 2-doses at least 6 months apart
Year 7 Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine Single dose
Year 10-11  Meningococcal ACWY vaccine Single dose
Parent Information Kits that include an information sheet, consent form and privacy statement will be sent home to parents/guardians. To consent to the vaccination of their child, parents/guardians are advised to:
  • read all the information provided
  • complete the consent form, including signing their name next to the vaccine/s they would like their child to receive
  • return the completed consent form to school
  • ensure that their child eats breakfast on the day of the school vaccination clinic.
Please note that students who commence HPV vaccination in school clinics in Year 7 but do not complete the course during the school year may be offered catch-up doses at school in Year 8. Students who have any HPV doses at their GP will be advised to complete the course with their GP.
Parents/guardians who wish to withdraw their consent for any reason may do so by writing to the Principal or phoning the school. The Procedure for Withdrawal of Consent is available on the NSW Health website at www.health.nsw.gov.au/immunisation.

To improve vaccination completion, students will be opportunistically offered any missed doses throughout the year where possible.

A Record of Vaccination will be provided to each student vaccinated at each clinic either as a physical card or a text message sent to the mobile number recorded on the consent form (within 1 business day). Parents/guardians should ensure that this record is kept for future reference and should not assume that their child has been vaccinated if they do not receive this Record of Vaccination.

Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world. Hebrews 1:1-2 (ESV)
For Prayer and Praise
  • Praise God for His grace in choosing to speak to us. Praise Him for loving us and revealing to us that forgiveness of sins and salvation from eternal death can be found through faith in His Son Jesus. Praise Him for Jesus.
  • Give thanks for God’s provision of rest over the school holidays. 
  • Pray for students and staff to settle well and quickly into school, particularly for those who are new.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance in all decisions that our school Board and Executive Team make. Pray they will faithfully serve in His plan to restore all things under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for our teachers, that God will equip them for their work. Pray He will grant them wisdom and insight to teach a Biblical worldview and to model Christ to our students.
  • Pray for our students to know Christ and His love for them, and to live their lives for His glory.
Please join us in prayer.
Prayer Group will commence in Week 2 from 9-9.30am on Thursdays.
If you are unable to come but would like to pray from home, please email us to receive a copy of the prayer notes. If you would like the Prayer Group to pray for you, please also email us at:

Parent Involvement Program (PIP) – Kindergarten to Year 12

The Parent Involvement Program serves many purposes.  The invaluable contribution made by parents helps the school to maintain its high standards and provides opportunities for the school community – staff, parents, students and friends – to interact.  Most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a hands-on role in the education of your children.

Each family with students in Kindergarten to Year 12 is asked to contribute 24 hours per year to the life of the school as part of PIP.  PIP hours can be completed by either parent.  PIP hours that are completed accumulate throughout the year, to a maximum of 24 hours per family per year, but cannot be carried over to the next calendar year.  You may choose to complete your hours at any time throughout the year.  Only submit one form per year per family.
When you have completed your PIP for the year, please submit the PIP Declaration of Hours form to the School Office.  When this form is received, a credit of $180 for each 6 hours of PIP will be applied to your fee account up to a maximum of $720 for 24 hours for the year. We are happy to receive your form at any time during the year when you have completed your PIP hours. This form will be available on the school website or from the School Office. If you know that you have PIP hours to claim and submit later in the year, please feel free to pay your term school fees less the PIP claim still to be credited to your account.
These hours can be accumulated in a variety of ways, e.g. assisting with reading groups, library, canteen, sport carnivals, camps. The school newsletter will advertise opportunities to complete your PIP hours. Class teachers and some faculties may contact you directly when specific assistance is required, e.g. excursions, transport, camps, but it is up to you to organise your PIP hours. The responsibility for the completion of these hours and the claiming of fee reduction rests with you. 
Tidying shelves and repair work at school, during the last weeks of each term (limit of 20 parents per term)
Secondary Library contact: Emma Solomon at esolomon@covenant.nsw.edu.au
Junior Library contact: Robyn Watson at rwatson@covenant.nsw.edu.au
Hospitality & Events
Do you enjoy the behind the scenes of event preparation, or meeting and greeting families at special morning teas?
Contact: Suzanne Bennett at sbennett@covenant.nsw.edu.au
Café Covie
Monday to Friday 8.00am-12.00noon
Contact: Suzanne Bennett at sbennett@covenant.nsw.edu.au
Monday to Friday
Contact: Joan Wong at cheeseandtoastie@gmail.com
Uniform Shop
Assist on a roster basis: Mondays 2.15-3.15pm or Wednesdays 8.00-9.30am
Contact: Kitty Au-Yeung at kau-yeung@covenant.nsw.edu.au
Secondary exams
Supervision of small groups and individual students
Contact: Lesley Bennett at lesleybennett@covenant.nsw.edu.au
Sick Bay Assistance
  • Current First Aid Certificate or nursing qualification 
  • Volunteers for other odd things e.g. checking first aid kits and helping on vaccination days
Contact: School Nurses at schoolnurse@covenant.nsw.edu.au
Office assistance
Photocopying, binding, collating
Contact: Del Hayman at dhayman@covenant.nsw.edu.au
Dance and Musical
Costumes assistance
  • Dance – Jess Verzosa at jverzosa@covenant.nsw.edu.au
  • Musical – Secondary: nconway@covenant.nsw.edu.au
  • Musical – Junior: wmorton@covenant.nsw.edu.au
Other areas
Other areas you may prefer to assist with: Working bees, class reading groups (contact teacher directly), excursions, camps, carnivals, gala days or washing (at home).
These requests for assistance may come from the weekly newsletter, or included in a letter sent home regarding the event.


What event could Miss Kane win a gold medal for at the Olympics?

Introducing Miss Donna Kane, a former student and our new K-12 Sports Administrator. We asked Miss Kane a few questions to get to know her better.

Tell us about your family? I have a pretty awesome immediate family, including my Mum, Dad, sister and brother-in-law. I also have the world’s best nephew and niece, and the most incredible Nan!

What is your role at Covenant? I'm the K-12 Sports Administrator…basically organising all things sport, like carnivals, gala days etc.
Why have you come to work here? I believe in what Covenant is doing as a school, and was keen to combine my passion for sport with my passion for Jesus, in an environment where it can hopefully make a difference to the school community.
What is your favourite sport? I can’t pick just one. To play - soccer or anything on or in the water. To watch - NRL and NBA.
Tell us about how you encountered Jesus? We were celebrating the day my sister asked Jesus into her life and as a 3 year old I asked what it was about, and said I wanted in. And I prayed and asked Jesus into my life. But since then I have continued to encounter him time and time again through his Word, his people, his creation, and worship.
What fictional place would you most like to go? Maybe Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory…I do like my chocolate!
What’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way? Send actual hand-written Christmas cards (not e-cards)! 
If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning a medal for? Injuring myself - I seem to have a profound knack for it! Or maybe donut eating!
Thanks Miss Kane, and welcome back to Covenant!


The first day of school started with a splash for our Year 3-6 students at the Primary Swimming Carnival on Monday 29 January. There was a great atmosphere throughout the day, with lots of house points being given out for passionate cheering along with great support from parents and friends!

The first day of school started with a splash for our Year 3-6 students at the Primary Swimming Carnival on Monday 29 January. There was a great atmosphere throughout the day, with lots of house points being given out for passionate cheering along with great support from parents and friends! 

Congratulations to White on a hard fought win and well done to everyone who participated on the day. Our house captains did a wonderful job organising their houses and leading the cheering. We would also like to thank all the staff and parents who helped make it such a great start to the year!
Congratulations to the following Age Champions:
  • 8 and under Girls - Paige Strahorn
  • 8 and under Boys – Joshua Chan
  • 9 Year Old Girls – Eva Greenwell
  • 9 Year Old Boys – Kevin Kim and David Ming
  • 10 Year Old Girls – Annie Streeter
  • 10 Year Old Boys – Christopher Seo
  • 11 Year Old Girls – Marcella Leung
  • 11 Year Old Boys - Ethan Turnbull
  • 12 – 13 Year Old Girls – Lizzy Pienaar
  • 12 – 13 Year Old Boys – Noah Fallon and Jonah Chitty


Dear Parents

This week has been a time of lots of excitement, laughter, and a few tears. Overwhelmingly though, there has been a lovely buzz around the school. We have lots of new students and a few new staff, and we look forward to what each person brings to our community.

Covenant is a school that seeks to honour the primary place of the parents in the upbringing of their children. It is why we are a Christian Parent Controlled School. We are thankful for the trust you have placed in us to collaborate with you in educating your children, and pray we are able to fulfil this task to the best of our abilities.

I would like to remind you of the vision and mission of the school:

“To faithfully serve in God’s plan to restore all things under the Lordship of Christ (by) assisting parents in the nurture of their children by providing a Christ-centred, biblically grounded, culturally engaging and academically rigorous education to equip the children to live for God’s glory”.
This is not a vision and mission that we take lightly. The School Board and School Executive are committed to be intentional and deliberate in the way in which we strive to fulfil it. However, it is a goal that is both lofty and impossible to achieve, yet it is compelling. Many years ago, Educational Philosopher John Van Dyk wrote in his book “Letters to Lisa: Conversations with a Christian Teacher”, that being a Christian teacher is the hardest job in the universe. After 30 years in Christian Schools, my reflection is that he is right.
We will get many things right, but also will get things wrong. It is a little bit like parenting. As we take this journey with you in 2018, I hope that we can work with you as parents in ways that are characterised by humility, encouragement, and from time to time when things go wrong, be willing to offer support and correction in a way that is seeking the good of the other person.
As always, I am generally available for parents to drop in on Monday mornings for a chat. If you have a pressing issue of concern, please ensure that you address it to the appropriate staff member. If you would like to speak with me, you can make appointments by contacting Karen Auckett via the school office.