Enrolment Information

Thank you for your interest in enrolment at Covenant Christian School.

Covenant Christian School was established to provide a Christian education for the children of parents who believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord of every aspect of life including education, and who wish to have their children educated in accordance with this belief. It is therefore a school where Jesus Christ is honoured as Saviour and Lord and to this end the school functions as an extension of the home in actively encouraging the children to commit their lives, and live in a way honouring, to Him. It is also our belief that a Christian world and life view should be an integral part of the teaching provided at the school.

Enquiries and applications are welcome for vacancies for most grades for 2020 and beyond. Our main entry levels are Preschool, Kindergarten, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 11. We recommend that applications are submitted at least two years in advance if possible. We endeavour to maintain a 50:50 ratio of girls and boys across each year group.

Enrolment Enquiries. Please complete the form here, Request pack, to request further information for enrolment at Covenant. Enrolment information and the application form will be sent to you by email. The completion of the online form does not represent an application.

School Tours. To discuss enrolment for your children or to book a personal tour contact the Registrar, Mrs Wendy Boase, by phone 02 8459 4221 (direct line) or email enrolments@covenant.nsw.edu.au. To book a place on a group tour go to the school tour page and book online for the date of your visit. 

Applications. To place your children on the enrolment waiting list, please complete the Enrolment Application form and return to the Registrar, together with your $250 application fee (per family) and supporting documents.

Covenant will be represented at the Northern Beaches School Expo in May 2019 and the North Shore Schools' Expo in Chatswood (The Concourse) in August 2019. For details of the expo, dates and location please visit www.schoolexpo.com.au.

Kindergarten and Preschool

2019 - Please contact the Registrar to discuss availability of places.
2020 and beyond - applications are open

Years 1 to 6

2019 - places are available in some grades
2020 and beyond - applications are open

Year 5 - main entry point

2020 - applications are open for Year 5 2020 and beyond

Year 7 - main entry point

2019 & 2020 - Please contact the Registrar to discuss availability of places. Further offers for Year 7 2020 will be made as vacancies arise.

2021 - Parents and their children will be invited to an enrolment interview as vacancies arise. Interviews will commence during Term 1 2019. Further interviews and offers will be made as vacancies arise during 2019 and 2020. An interview does not guarantee an offer of a place.

2022 and beyond - applications are open. Year 7 applications should be submitted by the time your child is in Year 4.  The first round of offers for Year 7 entry are made up to two years in advance.  Applications for Year 7 2022 should be submitted before the end of 2019, if possible. First round offers will be made in Term 1 and 2 2020.  Late applications are considered as vacancies arise.

Years 8 to 12

2019 - limited places are available in some grades
2020 and beyond - applications are open


Covenant Christian School does not offer academic, music or sporting scholarships. A limited number of fee relief bursaries may be available on application.
> More details on Bursaries.